Yokohama Hospitality

By Keira Louis

Yokohama's spectacular harbour sunset

For the last part of our first week, the 4 of us split up – Josh and Lauren ventured to Kyoto, while Adam and I homestayed with the lovely Kato Family in Yokohama. Hiroko Kato and her husband, Minoru, daughter Hanako and Grandmother, homestayed me in 2000 when I came to Japan, and we have since hosted Hiroko in Australia.

Our time with this beautiful family was priceless – and I mean this in both senses of the word, as we didn’t pay for a thing! Everywhere they took us, every meal we ate with them, was all compliments of the Kato’s. Their hospitality was so wonderful – we can’t wait to be able to return the favour when they come to Australia in the future.



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2 responses to “Yokohama Hospitality

  1. Lauren

    Nice work Keira! Beautiful collage of images. Certainly makes me wish I was back there instead of behind a computer…

    You guys have done a fantastic job at setting up the blog – who needs Josh anyway! Can’t wait to hear more and more as you get deeper into your amazing travel experience.

    I will hold our time in Japan as one of my best ever holidays. Thanks for making it so fantastic. Speak soon! xx

    • keiralouis

      Thanks Lauren! We miss you guys heaps! We would have to say the same – our time with you guys in Japan was so great we want to do it again, but for heaps longer! Adam is continually comparing Japan to Vietnam, with Japan coming out on top every time. Hope you are not working too hard to meet those impossible deadlines! Take care and talk soon xx
      P.S. A little birdy tells me someone’s birthday is just around the corner!

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