Niseko – Powder Heaven

By Keira Louis

Winter wonderland

We never would have thought out second week in Japan could have been such a contradiction to our first. But that’s what it was – a completely different experience.

We saw the rich culture of Japan disappear behind us whe we arrived at Niseko, ready for a week of skiing. The ski resort was full of Gaijins, so many Australians in fact, that the village is affectionately referred to as “Little Australia” – go figure! Everywhere you turned, a distinct ocker voice could be heard, talking about the day’s skiing or boarding. Ski shops were managed by Australians, restaurant staff were all English speaking, even hotels were run by Gaijins. Our ‘Japanese cultural experience’ was over for the moment – it was time to enjoy the snow. And we did.

For 4 days and nights we skiid amazing powder snow unlike any snow Australia has ever had to offer. While Josh and Adam boarded at all levels, Lauren and I stuck to akiing green and red slopes. We didn’t manage the same slope time as the boys, but we enjoyed retiring early and heading to the Japanese Onsen (hot spring) to relax and rejuvenate after our efforts!


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