No Place for pedestrians!

By Adam Capelin

This shot was taken from a traffic island on the edge of a 7-way collision of roads in Ho Chi Minh City.  The only way traffic knows how to cross an intersection like this, is to throw caution to the exhaust pipe and plunge straight into it and narrowly avoid whatever presents itself in front and behind.  Scary isn’t it.

– Some fast facts –

1. There are 10 million motorbikes in Vietnam and counting…

2. Mostly Japanese; Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki.

3. Helmets are pathetic and are only required legally on highways.

4. It’s not uncommon to see mum & dad and two kids or more on 1 bike.



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2 responses to “No Place for pedestrians!

  1. Trin

    Unbelievable -do you knowthe statistics on traffic accidents?

    • keiralouis

      Yes, it’s something like 12,000 road deaths a year in Vietnam – and that only includes those people who die ON the road. Those that are taken to hospital and die later are not included in the tally. So it’s a pretty devastating toll.

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