10 things we miss…

By Adam Capelin

We’re killing time in the Tan Son Nhut Airport (Vietnam) and came up with this little list.

1. Family & Friends (A&K)

2. Riding my bike (A)

3. Shouting out “Shibby!” with people who understand the manifest of the word (A)

4. Fresh Milk (K)

5. Cheese (A&K)

6. MeetMeat (A&K)

7. Noodle misses Schmoodle (K)

8. My pillow (K)

9. Our neighbours; Russ, Bek & Isobelle, and Tristan & Christy (A&K)

10. Traffic on the left side of the road (A)

10 things we don’t miss…

1. Getting up for work (A&K)

2. Regular bills (A&K)

3. Responsibility (A&K)

4. Having lots of domestic stuff to do (A&K)

5. Grocery shopping for another week (A&K)

6. Full calendar of social commitments (A&K)

7. Driving in traffic (K)

8. Australian Idol (A)

9. Australian commercial tv (A)

10. Waiting for Adam to come home from work or MTB rides (K)


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