Snapshot of Nepal

by Keira Louis and Adam Capelin

Snotty-nosed, but carefree, Nepali girl

Corrugated iron roofing held down by large rocks instead of nails.

5m long rusted construction steel lengths carried on rickshaws without passenger seating, through the crowded streets of Kathmandu.

Every 3rd person on the street at night trying to sell you Marijuana by whispering “You want Hash? You want smoke?”

Brightly coloured pashminas, beanies and clothing strung from shop entrances, attracting the eyes of passing tourists.

Dry, shimmering, mineral-rich dust with the imprints of trekkers’ boots on the Annapurna trail.

Filthy young children with snotty noses and coughs, roaming the streets in bare feet and dirty clothes.

Nepalese people cooking in the streets and burning rubbish, producing toxic smoke fumes throughout the country.

Showers with no recess, bath or curtain.

All in one bathrooms with toilet and shower.

Waiting for 5 minutes for the solar powered hot water to stream through the shower head, if you’re lucky.

Intermittent electricity from 4-8 in the morning, and 8-12 in the evening.

The low constant hum of generators during power cuts.

TATA trucks colourfully decorated with paint and tinsel, making them look more like parade floats than rock and sand carriers.

3 dead dogs side by side on the disgusting littered banks of the heavily polluted creek that runs through Kathmandu.

Nepali street salesmen prowling the streets of Thamel, preying on newly arrived tourists in the hope that they will book a trek or tour with their company.

Female jewellery stall owners announcing “Free to look!” but getting angry when you walk away empty handed.

Travelling by bus between cities with our luggage tied to the roof.

The sight of Nepalese men eating Dhal Bat, traditional Nepalese food, at a hundred miles an hour with their right hand.

The constant, comforting ring of Nepalese voices greeting you with “Namaste”.


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One response to “Snapshot of Nepal

  1. Lindsay

    Very evocative- I can really picture it! You’ll treasure these accounts in the future.

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