By Adam Capelin

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As a late birthday present from Jenyce (Keira’s cousin) to Keira, we went to London’s West End for a taste of circus theatre.  La Clique did not disappoint providing entertainment beyond entertainment at London’s intimate Hippodrome venue.

We were captivated and held in hysterics by a number of variety acts such as a large negro man dressed in tight drag-queen outfits singing opera, Mario Queen of the circus juggling to Queens “Another one bites the dust” (Mario has a great mo – see above), a dissapearing magical red hankerchief performed by a lady who starts off wearing a business suit and ends up completely naked, a double jointed rubber man contorting his body through two stringless tennis racket heads, and two exquisitely chiseled strong men holding each other and balancing themselves in impossible positions.  Great entertainment!  Thanks Jenyce.



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