Punting in Oxford

By Adam Capelin

Keira says Jenyce thinks

Ahhh punting down the river – it’s meant to be romantic for two… if you know how to punt!  With four in the boat and not a punter between us, it was a struggle just to head in the same direction.  Throw into the mix a narrow stream with trees overhanging the banks and a constant flow of other would-be-punters heading or trying to head in both directions.  There were collisions, near misses and near swims for the vunerable punter standing on the back of the boat with only a pole-vaulting stick to direct traffic.



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5 responses to “Punting in Oxford

  1. Lindsay

    Keira: I can’t take it anymore! Get rid of the damn beard Adam!
    Jenyce: I’m a little partial to it myself…

    😉 Thanks for the great blog guys. I’m enjoying following your travels.

  2. Keira: There’s a hole in the canoe, dear Jenyce, dear Jenyce

    Jenyce: Then fix it , dear Keira, dear Keira, fix it!

  3. Rupert

    (Set the scene)
    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
    Floating down a chocolate scream towards 1000’s of umpa lumpas.
    Jenyce:”Why dam, my dream is finally coming true, lets go!”
    Keira:”This is kinda scaring me, it just seems to be happening all the time lately”

  4. Adam

    You guys are hilarious! Thanks for the laughs – we love it.

  5. Elksam

    keira: hey Jenyce is that a beard growing on your knee

    Jenyce: there seems to be a beard theme lately

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