7 Aussies in Barcelona

by Keira Louis

Just like old times

We planned to meet up in Barcelona on the London long weekend of May 1st to 4th. This was the first stop for Adam and I as we embarked on our Europe stint from London, and my cousin, Jenyce, got time off work to come with us. Peita and Michael arrived from Madrid, at the start of a month holiday overseas and Michelle and David came from London for the weekend. It was the first time I had seen Peita and Michael since January, and Michelle and David since May last year, so it was a great feeling to see them both again – especially in the cool city of Barcelona.

As the girls gossiped and giggled their way through the night – we had so much to catch up on! – the boys tried to carry on their own conversation but without much success. I think the level of noise coming from our corner of the room just kept rising (thanks to jugs and jugs of Sangria!) and hence, made it a little hard for anyone else to hold a decent conversation. We even attracted the attention of other diners around us more than once – but you know what girls are like when they have a few drinks together! Fun times, fun times…..


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