Picnic in Paris

By Keira Louis


The Eiffel Tower; Paris’ number one icon. Sure, it’s a pretty spectacular structure from the ground, and the views from the tower itself are great, providing some good photo opportunities. But not being able to move amongst the masses of tourists on each level was pretty frustrating, and half the tower was covered in red tape or blocked off to the public due to maintenance work. So all round, it wasn’t the most romantic experience one could have asked for. But we were in Paris – it had to be done!

The lush, green lawn below the tower, however, was definitely the more preferrable option – the view of the tower was unobstructed (and it’s much better than the view FROM the Eiffel Tower), the grass was long and soft enough to be comfortable, and our delicious selection of French food and wine kept us content for hours. If anyone intends to be in Paris in the near future – take our advice and head to the lawn. It’s a great relaxing afternoon, for free!


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