I’ve bled for MeatMeet, have you?

By Adam Capelin

The cow with the golden harp

We were heading home tonight from the Champs Elysees and decending the second set of escalators to the Paris RER platform when I noticed a cool looking cow playing a harp on a poster on the wall.   Well of course I thought, MeatMeet, and the potential for a future concept for the invitation poster.  So instead of waiting to desend the escalator and ascend on the corresponding one going back up, I decided to race the decending escalator by running up it in the opposite direction.  I wasn’t that far down it and I think I moved back up it faster than I realized and then whamo!

I went down hard and a searing pain went through both my kneecaps.  Somehow I think I was so intent to beat the machine that I missed a step as the steps were becoming more shallow and threw my body forward with my kneecaps stopping me on the sharp edge of the next rising step.  Sh!+ fu@k sh!+ fu@k owwwwwww.  I quickly jumped up with adrenalin coursing though my body (great stuff adrenalin) and managed to jump and hop to the top of the escalator.  I looked down at the black lines on the heels of my palms from falling forward and felt my right knee catch on fire. It’s nothing but a bit of bruising I told myself and I pulled the camera out of the backpack and took the damn photo of the stupid cow playing the stupid harp.  Nurse Keira came back up the opposite ascending escalator shaking her head.  I could feel a wet drip in my pants below my right knee and looked down to see blood spots seeping though.  Hmmm – my knee seemed to hurt much more with the sight of blood.  I checked my left knee.  No blood but still pain.  Ok, there are small tears all in vertical lines like notches keeping score in a tally in both the knees of my jeans.  Escalator 5, Adam 0. More in the right one.  The edges of escalator steps are a series of vertical gnashing teeth and I threw my knees into them.  Oh well – its for the MeatMeet cause.

Check out the blood splotches on my knee in the photo Wally.  You better use the picture of the musical cow and pay a tribute to my knees, otherwise they will have bled for nothing!

Bleeding Knee



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2 responses to “I’ve bled for MeatMeet, have you?

  1. Jenyce

    If only you had anti-gravity thongs!

  2. adsiemenadsie

    If only… where did you buy yours?

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