5 months of transient existance

By Adam Capelin


The 24 June marked 5 months of transient existance.  And to celebrate this occasion we hopped on a bus from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu for 20hrs.  What better way to celebrate travel then with more travel.  Our longest single haul by road or air so far.  Read a bit, listen to some music, watch a B-grade Hollywood movie with Spanish sub-titles, close your eyes and you’re there. At least the sense of distance isn’t lost on a bus like it is when you fly.

The buses in Argentina do a good job of catering for the long-haul trip probably better than an Economy class airline seat. Seat comfort and trip service are divided up into 3 different classes; semi-cama, cama, and full cama or upper cama (kar-ma).  Semi-cama seats partially recline and don’t have as much leg room as cama seats.  Cama seats almost fully recline and are probably similar to business class on an airline with meal service and limited drinks. A full cama seat fully reclines into a flat bed with full meal service and unlimited drinks.  You never know when karma can come back around so we opted for cama seats from Buenos Aires to Iguazu falls.


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