And then we fly to South America…

By Adam Capelin

Street graffiti in Cordoba

We’ve been repeating those words for months to fellow travellers.  It always takes an extra breath to add that to the end of our Round the World Trip itinerary script. South America; The unknown. What are we doing in South America?  I have no idea – we’ll figure it out when we’re on the road.  A flick of a page from the Lonely Planet guide to South America, a conversation or email from a fellow traveller and a glint of local knowledge and you’re away.  We landed in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, and fly out from Lima, capital of Peru, and we’ll visit Bolivia somewhere in the middle.  Sounds like a plan.  We only purchased the Lonely Planet’s guide to South America the same day we departed London.  Swapping the Europe continent guide for the South American continent guide. Crazy I know.  If I could listen to myself describing our planning for South America 6 months ago I’d probably slap myself in the face and shout, “What! Are you crazy!”

– A few things we’ve learnt about South America –
This continent is vast.  Argentina has the same land size as India.
20 hour bus trips across nothingness are normal.
A little (pocuitto) spanish goes a long way in crossing the language barrier.
Argentina is cheap like Vietnam but the accommodation and food quality is closer to European standards
Grande beef steaks are uber MeatMeet quality and at a fraction of the price
A steak dinner before a Tango show is a great night out
Iguazu falls are some of the biggest in the world (we’d never heard of them before)

So stay tuned for some interesting blogs – I’m not sure what we’ll find down the road.  After the capital of Buenos Aires and Iguazu falls in Argentina’s North East corner, we’re now heading to Mendoza in Central/Western Argentina near the boarder with Chile and Aconagua, the Western hemispheres highest peak at almost 7000m.  From here we’ll head North towards Boliva following the Andean Mountains and the road once travelled by “Che” Guevara.


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