Snow Blind

By Adam Capelin


So I turned 30 on Saturday! Yeah I’m an old man – but to celebrate this milestone in celestial revolutions, I went snowboarding in the Andes, Argentina at a resort called Las Lenas. Not bad for an old man. Keira and Caroline (our English friend for the weekend) braved the conditions on skis, in-between hot chocolates.

It dumped about a meter of snow on Saturday and Saturday night. Lots of soft sugary powder. Visibility was white out conditions. Just imagine boarding with your eyes closed and feeling the seduction of gravity. The sky was the same colour as the ground or was I looking at the ground – hard to tell. If we stuck to the edge of a run we could just make out the next trail edge pole marker after leaving the previous one a couple of turns behind. I don’t think we were going too fast, just checking our turns. But sometimes when I thought I was slowing a mark in the snow would race past me in the opposite direction alerting me to an unsuspected rapid descent.

Sunday revealed a ski resort struggeling to remain open with the thick blanket of snow burrying it. Conditions were clearer and we could see some of the terrain we had been shoooshing down the previous day. Wow – we could actually see some of the surrounding mountains. Powder was in plentiful supply as lift operators excavated lifts and tows up the mountain. Another day of pushing powder, tired ankles and aching legs. I might be 30, but I stuck the last run of the day off-piste and retired a very happy camper!



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2 responses to “Snow Blind

  1. josh

    Yeow! So you go off piste at a buried, invisible ski resort in the Andes and not in Japan with your bro? tsk tsk. 🙂

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