A pinch of salt

By Adam Capelin


The Salinas Grandes; a vast barren salt lake in Argentina’s North West on the border with Chile. Neither Keira nor I have ever been to a salt lake before. It was quite a novelty. I had always imagined walking on a salt lake to be similar to a thin layer of crisp snow, soft and crunching under foot. In fact, it’s the opposite. Rock hard and impenetrable. You couldn’t retrace your footsteps if your life depended on it. Even more curious was the mosaic of inverted egg shell cracks running across the surface, like the pattern on a chocolate Easter egg.

The locals scrape the salt off the surface into piles ready for your fish & chips in a restaurant near you. And guess what, it tastes like salt. I had to taste it! (That’s not a local swinging the pick by the way. Brigette’s a Swiss Miss who’s not afraid of hard work). We hired a car with Christian and Brigette and drove from Salta together through some amazing country to reach the Salinas Grandes.


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